Next Guitar Build

For those that don’t know I build most of the guitars and basses on my albums myself (the upcoming Sys Machine EP being an exception- every guitar sound you hear is from a Parker Nitefly for proper feel). To date I’ve built around ten instruments. It’s been close to a year since I finished my last one (a hallowbody ala Gretsch flavor— was the main axe for the Delta Shines record and the Jefferson Dust covers album).  I don’t really have a regiment schedule for builds – I just get after it when I’m inspired to do something cool. Someday I’ll post a rundown of what I’ve done to date.

Anhow inspiration and ideas have finally coagulated into a plan. I want to go relic in the vein of Tele body.  I’ve spent the last few weeks reading up on various aging and relic’ing techniques.  My plan is to obtain a pre-fab maple neck (cos maple neck Fenders are my fav kinda Fender style necks), age and relic a Tele shaped Ash or maple body with some specific logos near and dear to my heart (I’ll unveil that when it’s done). The idea will be to look old and left in a barn. But inversely the plan is to drop all modern higher end/output electronics in it. I’ve been listening and reading up on them and I think I’m going to go the EMG route. I’ve got a couple other guitars with them and as a build they are extremely easy installs. There’ll be no hum or otherwise obnoxious things old guitars come with.

Updates to come! To get an idea of what aesthetic I’m casting about for- this is in the ballpark (minus the bigsby and dual humbuckers)8A393100-485E-4E1F-B10E-33394E7D4C31.jpeg

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