Makin the donuts

Well I’m three days away from Imminent Domains being unleashed on the public. My daughter is a fan of “the fast one” (Red City) so I’m feeling good about things.  Anxious to see how this one weaves its way into the zeitgeist. It’s a very different .Sys Machine approach, new distribution platform and all around superior production than anything I’ve done to date (in my opinion). Damn the torpedoes!

Naturally I’m already on to the next thing creatively. Thing is I don’t  do things sequentially. My general workflow is just to make shit when I feel like it, put it in whatever the appropriate folder is (DC, Jeff Dust, Sys, Hell’s own Drag, Delta etc) and let it sit. Over the course of a year I’ll cone back to things, change arrangements or sounds, rewrite parts, play with different mixes etc. eventually I get to where I feel like there’s enough in one of those folders (usually 12-15 ideas) to take it to the next stage which is working out lyrics and things like guitar solos.  Then I start casting about for a track listing (read: separate the filler from the killer), artwork etc and a release happens. At any given time I’m at different stages with projects.  Hell’s Own Drag and Delta Shines are different only in that Doug has to add his parts (I send him ideas at the very early stages).

All that by the way of saying I was looking through folders last night and am close to around a dozen tracks on Jefferson Dust, Derision Cult and Hell’s Own Drag. Some of those go back a year or so.  If I had to guess I’d say Derision Cult will be the next thing I bring to the light of day. Early to tell what the sound will be but definitely a continuation and definitely will incorporate techniques I used on Imminent Domains that I hadn’t used before.

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