Ramblin’ Man

Hope you’re having a great holiday season. I’ve been unplugged from reality more or less for the past week.  One more week of non linear life and then back to reality.  I’m writing this in the back seat of my truck while we drive across the frozen tundra of Illinois (ironically Frozen is on the video thing – which my daughter will happily watch on loop).  On my musical front Work progresses on the relic tele. It’s coming out about how I’ve envisioned – possibly even older looking. I’m waiting for a things to arrive but all in all, assuming the electronics go off without a hitch this is shaping up to be a best-of-class project for me. I’ve been encouraged to pursue these relics as a business— start a LLC and start doing made to orders.  I have to give that some more thought and perfect the process a bit more but insofar I’m not opposed to going commercial.


In music news- a Derision Cult EP is coming together. I’ve been tracking vocals and mixing this past week. I still have a bit of production work to do but on the whole it’s working out. I’ve taken a new approach to vocals on this one. I’ve always struggled to get this wide/gang vocal sound.  Think Ministry So What or Rob Zombie Dracula. I think I’ve come the closest I’ve come. I’ve always tucked a heavily pitch corrected track under the main vocal to tighten things up…now I put  3 stereo tracks of vocals under it as well…these are shifted up 3, 6 and 12 cents on the right and left sides alternating and then shifted down those same intervals on the opposite sides. The net effect is a really wide sound without an obvious chorus effect. Then, because it’s industrial, I muck it all up with various tape sats, vocal shreds and various slap echo things courtesy of my trusty Eventide H3000.  But left to its own device it’s obvious to me that alternating shift trick is all over the place. I hear it on the last couple Jason Isbell albums,  Ben Howard records…basically anywhere the vocal needs to be huge even if the singer isn’t belting it out.  The downside to this approach is that it takes a big load of CPU to generate all that pitch shifting. So it’s a bit of a challenge playing everything back if you do this a lot.

anyhow…some samples, guitar solos and a couple vocal tracks still need tracking but I’d say by Feb it should be live. I seem to put my best work out that month so I have high hopes for this one!

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