This weekend I tracked the last things needed for the batch of songs I’m working on for the next Derision Cult EP.  All in all I’d say this will have more vibey ambient textures than my last few. Also more vocal range (for my standards at least).  The mix will be wider for sure as I stopped worrying so much about the phase correlation. It might mean things are as loud but what the fuck right?

My next step is mixing. I usually give myself two weeks or so to have some time away from the tracks in order to be somewhat objective about them. I have 11 tracks. If history is any indicator that means 7-8 will make the cut.

In the meantime I have an idea for a Jefferson Dust track I want to lay down. Be my first one with that new relic Tele. Also want to pick back up on Hell’s Own Drag and start casting about for Delta Shines next move.

Its entirely plausible I’ll have the next DC done and put in February. Historically my most popular stuff always comes out in February so hey that’s a good thing!


And that’ll be that

Pretty happy with how 2017 went on a musical front. Put out 6 EP’s from 4 projects,got a blog off the ground, gained a few thousand new fans, got some big radio play, 2 #1 Bandcamp albums, and (I believe) managed to up the game on the backend via launching my own publishing company and built another guitar.  So things got done.

Outside of music, my family is healthy and happy, my work is…work, and the train keeps rolling.  So I’ve got nothing to complain about. Hope you had a great 2017, and if not, hey onwards and upwards!